OPKO Health’s BioReference Laboratories Launches Anti-Body Screen Kits For Covid-19 Pandemic

OPKO Health’s BioReference Laboratories, a leading diagnostics and biopharmaceutical company, has announced on Friday May 8, 2020 that the company has launched the Anti-Body Screening Kits for Covid-19 pandemic. The anti-body screening kits would be available to the residents of the New York city in collaboration with the New York City Health and Hospital Corporation.

The initial testing would be performed to 140,000 residents of New York and the company has planned to further increase the capacity also in future. All the results of the Anti-body screening testing would be accessible by the Smartphones, PCs, Tablets and traditional US Mail service.

The company has further clarified that the Anti-Body Screening testing kit is not designed to detect the Covid-19 pandemic in an patient and the company has asked the individuals experiencing the Covid-19 symptoms to not visit their anti-body screening facilities to prevent the spread of pandemic to other individuals of the area. The company has asked all the confirmed Covid-19 patients to immediately contact their nearest healthcare provider to treat the pandemic.

Executive Chairman of BioReference Laboratories, John Cohen said, “BioReference is supporting the city in its epidemiology studies of the presence of COVID-19 throughout large segments of the New York City population.”

“For New York, a city that has been seriously impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, this type of information will be of great value in helping healthcare professionals to analyze the presence and progression of the disease in order to identify at risk populations for possible early intervention,” Cohen further added.

Mayor Bill De Blasio, said during the press announcement as, “So many New Yorkers are wondering whether they’ve had the virus, or if they’ve exposed their own families. “While antibody tests are not a fix-all solution, they will give our communities the knowledge they need to help us defeat this virus together.”

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