Vikki Jones, a Luxury Brand Launches New Line Promising Functionality and Fashion without Sacrificing Quality

Vikki Jones, delivers newest wave of fashion aimed at working professional, has come up with its new line of vegan which is claimed to be an eco-friendly and the fashion-forward totes.

These new wave of work-ready bags are designed by undermining the professionals who fashions fanatics. Each new bag features number of delegated spaces for smart-device, plenty of room for stationery related items, and number of ample sized pockets. Vikki Jones’s launched with the vision of what businessmen and women wanted.

Founder of Vikki Jones and VMH Publishing Vikki Jones said “It is a struggle to put things back in their place in an orderly manner when pressed for time, but when it amounts to wasted time and missed opportunities, that is unacceptable.”

The baggage purposed for professionals keeps the storage as vital factor so making these must be appealing and efficient at the same time so Jones referred, “it was at that moment I decided I was going to do something about it.”

The totes feature modern and classic designs, Vikki Jones Essentials Luxury Edition for women, and appealing hardware, making them valuable additions to any wardrobe.

Their versatility, though, is what makes them special. It’s a rare skill for a bag, designed with work in mind, to look equally as good on a plane as at a dinner date. Jones’s goal, “to create a bag that not only fit with my personal style but possessed the functionality I needed in order to conduct business on the move”, was fully realized with Vikki Jones Essentials.

Each bag is made for easy access, allowing the rushed executive to grab for a pen, piece of gum, or phone without having to sift through a mess, while still being secure and safe. This feature makes the Vikki Jones line perfect for the persistent traveler.

“You never know where an opportunity might lead and you must put yourself in the best position to receive it,” says Jones, summarizing the value of a well-designed, attractive bag in an age that values work ethic and aesthetics above all else.

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