Nav Wins National Small Business Grant

Nav has announced that the company has won the National Small Business Grants and received a $1,000 business grant to streamline the candle making process. The company, which has started as a hobby having $2000 worth of candles, is now turned out to be the full-fledged store and known as the Antique Candle Company.

Currently, the company employees 34 people and produces about 2,000 hand-poured candles a day. The Covid-19 Pandemic also brought another challenge to the company to continue the large backlog of orders.

Chief Executive Officer of Nav, Greg Ott said, “COVID-19 has affected small businesses in a variety of ways. For many, the unprecedented situation has created supply chain management issues well as problems with processing and fulfillment. Antique Candle Co. is a prime example of how a small amount of money can help overcome hurdles brought on by an unforeseen challenge.”

“We look forward to seeing the company not only get through its coronavirus-related problems, but exponentially grow as a result of its new streamlined process,” Greg Ott said,

Founder and Owner of Antique Candle Company, Whitenack said, “We are currently behind on pouring 30,000 candles,” shared Whitenack. “While we’re blessed to be a business that hasn’t had to completely shutter its doors due to COVID, the closing of our business for a few weeks has left us with a burdensome backlog that we wouldn’t have been able to get out of for months without this grant.”

“The new equipment will triple our daily output, allowing us to pour nearly 6,000 candles a day. Without the grant money to buy the new equipment, our team would have been behind on orders for weeks. Now, we’re looking at being fully caught up within the next few days,” Whitenack further added in the statement.

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